(n.) a collection of projects small and large that I've worked on in the past.


    A tool for aggregating credit offers from various cards and accounts into a single mobile-first interface 2023

    Dan's Cookie Jar

    A virtual home for a friend's amazing cookie delivery business based in Houston github, 2021


    A design project that aims to produce generative and interactive visuals by coupling a user interface to modern art. Minimalist paintings recreated in code. github, 2016-2020


    A minimalist digital index card system designed to be used as a study aid, a recipe repository, or for knowledge checks. github, 2016

    Breaking Bao

    Breaking Bao is an Asian-fusion food truck based in Houston. github, 2016-2020


    Contrary to all the link-shortening URL services out there, yotta-url is a URL expansion service that will convert a regular URL into an unreadalbe 265-character cryptographic hash. Built with Node. github, 2016