Site migration to GatsbyJS

For a couple years now this blog existed on a [now defunct] domain and has been left to rot mainly due to my indifference in maintaining a pretty website (sorry!). But actually, the real reason was due to the technical hurdles necessary to make the personal site and blog that I want to build…  Continue reading

In Search of an Open macOS

It’s been a while since I took a deep dive into a Linux distro since switching from Windows to a Mac several years ago. Nightmares of missing drivers and endless configuration drew me away from exploring any further. Luckily, OSX/macOS’s user-friendly and Unix-like environment was enough to quell the hacker dreams I had as a…  Continue reading

Progressive Web Apps, part 1

If you’ve been tuned in lately to what’s next on the web, there’s been a lot of talk (from Google especially) pushing progressive web apps, or PWAs,  as the next evolution of web apps. As a HackerNews addict and also as a front-end engineer who’s obligated to feign knowledge over every single thing popping up…  Continue reading